“Rewind Forward: Honoring the Goodness and Badness of Jamaican Music Culture” by Graeme Mathieson (2020, CA)

Video production of interview recordings featuring the ladies of sound system culture in Toronto for Alanna Stuart’s multimedia exhibit, ‘Rewind/Forward.’ Part 1 introduces Tasha Rosez (‘Gunz and Rozez’ sound), Heather Bubb-Clarke (‘Live Wire Disco’ sound), Bambii (‘Jerk’ party), Ace Dillinger, and Nino Brown (‘Yes Yes Y’all’ party). They address topics such as sound system identification, the role of research and intuition in deejaying, and the evolution of sound system culture in Toronto since the 1970s. They also discuss traditions in sound system culture they honour and those they have abandoned to create more inclusive parties and music ethoses. Part 2 delves into the perspectives they have on influences of sound system culture in Toronto, like the immigration of Jamaicans to Toronto. In both parts, the deejays share how anti-black racism in Toronto makes it difficult for them to host parties late, book gigs, and reserve venues for parties, connecting these structural barriers to the policing sound system culture and Black people experience in Jamaica and Toronto more generally.  

Link to exhibition website 

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