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“Yo No Soy Guapo”: A Film that Makes You Dance

Sonidero culture is particularly strong in Mexico City, where the amount of active practitioners, supporters and loyal followers is truly surprising. This has inspired scholars, photographers (see this previous blog) as well as independent film makers who have documented this incredibly lively SST scene. Among them, filmmaker Joyce Garcia, whose film Yo No Soy Guapo […]

  • Posted on 16 February 2023
  • by Guest Author
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SST under the volcano: presenting at 4S

On December 8, 2022 I had the opportunity to accompany the Sonic Street Technologies team to the 4S annual conference in Cholula, Mexico. This occasion felt special not only because it was the first time that I would be able to present my research to a wider audience, but also because I would do so […]

  • Posted on 11 January 2023
  • by SST Team
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