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Urabá Sound System: Sounding with Purpose

“Urabá Sound System: Sounding with Purpose” has been an “encuentro picotero” (a picós meeting), held from July the 2nd to July the 4th, 2021 in the Municipality of Apartadó, in Urabá Antioqueño – Colombia. The event included musical and cultural sessions, such as discussions on the context, history and challenges of the picó culture, and a “memory carousel” where photographs, vinyl records and memories were shared. […]

  • Posted on 19 October 2021
  • by Guest Author
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Sounds in the City: Street Technology and Public Space

We are glad to announce the publication of the Sound System Outernational (SSO) guest-edited special issue of the Journal of World Popular Music – Volume 8, Number 1, available here. Edited by SSO team members Brian D’Aquino and Oana Pârvan, the special issue features some of the contributions originally presented during the international symposium ‘SSO#5: […]

  • Posted on 11 October 2021
  • by SST Team
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[SST Research 2.0] Street Systems and Knowledge Systems

Second in a series of blogs on SST research (read here the first piece), this article considers different knowledge systems in order to locate, recognise and give value to the ways-of-knowing of audio engineers. Knowledge comes not only from data, information or scientific laws; it is also embodied in the techniques and practices of SST […]

  • Posted on 4 October 2021
  • by Julian Henriques
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Gabre Selassie at Sound System Outernational #7

On Friday 16 July, at 4pm UK time, Sound System Outernational in association with SST is pleased to present an intimate discussion between Gabre Selassie of the renown Kingston Dub Club and the journalist David Katz (author of Solid Foundation: An Oral History of Reggae), followed by an exclusive sound system session from Gabre, as […]

  • Posted on 11 July 2021
  • by David Katz
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Spotlight on Carolyn Cooper keynote speaker at SSO#7

At this year’s iteration of Sound Systems Outernational “SSO#7: Sound Systems at the Crossroads” organized in association with SST, we are excited to invite Professor Emerita Caroline Cooper as one of our keynote speakers on Monday 12 July. Her lecture will be hosted on Zoom, followed by a Q&A session, and streamed live on SSO YouTube […]

  • Posted on 10 July 2021
  • by SST Team
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Sonic map

The SST Sonic Map aims to provide an extensive coverage of different SSTs operating across the globe by focusing on the three main elements which make an SST: the sound technologies employed, the crew which operates them, and the environment in which they operate. By building an interactive, user-friendly and intuitive database, the scope is that of giving exposure to the diverse but equally vibrant street sonic cultures, allowing comparison between different SST, fostering mutual recognition and cross-fertilization between practitioners and aficionados from different backgrounds, and providing fellow researchers and academic institutions with a glimpse of what is currently happening out on the streets. The Sonic Map is an open-project which relies on the crucial collaboration of the SST communities involved. If you know, own or operate an SST which is not currently listed on the map, or if you notice some amendments needed in an existing entry, please contribute!

Sonic Street Technologies (SST) is a European Research Council (ERC) funded research project (2021 – 2025)

The project aims to map the distribution and history of these SST worldwide; to investigate the social, economic and cultural conditions from which they are born; and to achieve a deeper understanding of the nature of technology itself and its uses for social and economic progress.